“Poised to make a major mark in Operaland... Gearhart’s Zerbinetta had patrons’ heads spinning with the bouyant charm and sparkle of her vocal acting.”

Opera Now


“The refined sophistication that is Julianne Gearhart led seamlessly into a lovely, fragile “Pie Jesu”, full of finesse, accompanied by harmonium. Harp and strings fill. Too bad Gearhart’s role is limited to two sentences. But what feeling she puts into it. Enjoy it.”

Concert News Belgium

”Sang...with remarkable sweetness and clarity.”

Opera News

“Gearhart took a stellar turn as the Forest Bird.”

-KING FM Radio


“Despite the potential ludicrousness of this au courant staging of a 17th century opera, Julianne Gearhart’s performance as Artemisia held the power to engage an audience’s suspension of disbelief and enchant them into engaging with the story. Glamorous both in looks and poise, she also conveyed a seductive, emotional vulnerability, which was completely convincing as a charismatic, Italian starlet; all while displaying a singing voice and sense of musicianship as exquisitely stunning as her looks."

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

“The singing ranged from able to sublime...in the latter, Gearhart made a big impression with her top-flight soprano...her tone rich and rounded.”

Sacramento Bee

“Gearhart sang a spectacular and energizing Forest Bird... [and] also showed her comedic charms as a Rheinmaiden.”

San Francisco Opera Examiner

“This Sophie, soprano Julianne Gearhart, could not be more classically Sophie-like: lithe, petite, girlish, and endowed with an ability to float her top notes as if she were releasing a set of helium balloons. Her Act 2 duet with Octavian is the sonic equivalent of a crystal chandelier.”

The Opera Critic